National Security

- What?
- You went there to apologize?

The man's talking to you.
- And you were saying?
- I was...

...saying I was sorry.
- For what?
- Beating you.

Yeah, my dog.
That's what I'm talking about, man.

Hank was right in the middle
of this very touching apology...

...when I discovered
that my warehouse was being robbed.

So Hank and I, we banded together
to apprehend these outlaws.

And we would've had them,
had not your boys come along.

Excuse me?
Deputy Droop-a-long.
Man, they stopped the wrong car.

- You better watch your mouth.
- What you gonna do?

Beat the hell out of me?
Probably blame it on a damn spider.

- What you got?
- The updated report.

We got a 4-59 at the warehouse, but
nothing on a van. Coroner has two bodies.

DA says self-defense.
So we kick them loose.

- The C and L warehouse on 18th?
- Yeah.

Not a cop anymore, Hank,
so stop acting like one.

I'm all too happy to find any reason
to lock your ass up. You understand?

Go find McDuff, tell him
I want to see him right away.

Yeah, we also encountered a naked girl
upstairs, handcuffed to a light fixture.

Do you think you could hook a brother
up with another restraining order?

Right there, because I recognize them.

All my stuff should be in here too.
What's up?