Politiki kouzina

He was normal up until our
wedding, he'd only go twice a day.

Then, he started
to go more often.

With her cooking 6 times a day
what do you expect?

I think something's
wrong with papa.

-When will he come?
-As soon as he's well.

-And said to kiss the boy.
-Actually, where is Fanis?

My dear girlfriend.
I'm really sad today...

I was waiting for you
along with my grandpa.

I had cooked a nice dish for
you that you would have liked.

-Dear me, this is exceptional.
-The boy made it, he has talent.

-Educate him as a chef in France.
-His father won't have it.

-A 7 year old cooped up in a kitchen.
-All kids have hang-ups.

Why is it a hang-up?
The boy is just fine...

I'm not bothered that he cooks,
I'm concerned he cooks so well.

At his age, that is
definitely a quirk!

Evanthia's daughter did the same
and she's still in the asylum.

Dear God, don't
be telling me this...!

Sauces guide taste
towards exaggeration.

When people don't add sauces to food,
they "sauce up" conversations.

-Remember Evanthia's daughter?
-Of course, I remember!

At seven, she was the best
cook in the city!

She's still
in the asylum.

The priest said she was possessed.
Said the devil was cooking.