Politiki kouzina

I'm not bothered that he cooks,
I'm concerned he cooks so well.

At his age, that is
definitely a quirk!

Evanthia's daughter did the same
and she's still in the asylum.

Dear God, don't
be telling me this...!

Sauces guide taste
towards exaggeration.

When people don't add sauces to food,
they "sauce up" conversations.

-Remember Evanthia's daughter?
-Of course, I remember!

At seven, she was the best
cook in the city!

She's still
in the asylum.

The priest said she was possessed.
Said the devil was cooking.

-My compliments, it's delicious.
-It's a specialty, our boy made it.

In our neighborhood there are
many Turks like you.

We aren't Turks, we are
Greeks of Constantinople.

My husband was deported,
we are Greek Orthodox.

Bring the boy for communion,
he will then stay on for catechism.

Fanis must get out of the kitchen.
Did our Lord Jesus cook?

Never, just now and again He
fended for bread and wine.

Shall I serve you
some more Father?

Your son is bright Mr. Iakovidis,
but I'm concerned about something.