Pride and Prejudice

Perhaps by and by I may observe
that private balls
are much pleasanter than public ones.

For now, we may remain silent.
Do you talk as a rule while dancing?
No. No, I prefer to be
unsociable and taciturn.

Makes it all so much more enjoyable,
don't you think?

Tell me, do you and your sisters
very often walk to Meryton?

Yes, we often walk to Meryton.
It's a great opportunity
to meet new people.

When you met us, we'd just had the
pleasure of forming a new acquaintance.

Mr Wickham's blessed with such happy
manners, he's sure of making friends.

Whether he's capable
of retaining them is less so.

He's been so unfortunate as to lose
your friendship. That is irreversible?

- It is. Why do you ask such a question?
- To make out your character.

- What have you discovered?
- Very little.

I hear such different accounts
of you as puzzle me exceedingly.

I hope to afford you more clarity
in the future.