Ricordati di me

lf mom sees you in bed,
she'll let out a super-sonic scream.

Stop bringing me Ovaltine in bed.
- l'm not a kid anymore.

- Paolo, are you ready?

l'm plastered to the window
because you stink.

- No, l don't.
- Knock it off!

-When did you last shower?

-And you couldn't today?
- Leave me alone!

-Quit it, you two.
-Tell it to the Kosovar.

Fuck you!
[Had things
always been like this?]

- Riccardo wants to see you.
- Okay.

[Things were different once.]
''What do you do, moon, aloft?''
''Tell me what you do, silent moon.''
''You rise each night and go....''
..the coup of the Directoire..
..against the Council of Ancients..
..and the Council of Five Hundred....
''Love, that exempts
no one beloved from loving,..''

''..seized me with pleasure
of this man so strongly,..''

''..that, as thou seest,
it doth not yet desert me.''

- ln three months, six contracts.
- Seven.

You have to be convinced
to be convincing.

lf you don't believe in yourself,
how will others believe in you?

Having problems with Giulia?
The debut's in two weeks,
they need a substitute immediately.

lt's the perfect situation.
l don't feel up to it.
- l'll set up a meeting.
- No.

l haven't done a thing in years,
they'd never pick me.

Meet him,
you've got nothing to lose!

l'll think about it.
Valentina, stretch your arms
and follow Anna.