Ricordati di me

[That afternoon, Valentina felt..]
[..really envious
toward her friend,..]

[..and it wasn't
the first time.]

[Giulia meditated on the fact..]
[..that she had done everything
a woman of her age could,..]

[..except for that
which she desired.]

[Carlo closed his eighth contract
and didn't feel a thing.]

The same racist wealthy man
has sex with Nigerian hookers.

[At 06:00 pm,
Paolo was certain of one thing:]

[..if he was alive or not,
if he existed or not,..]

[..made no difference
to all those people.]

What is it?
Wouldn't it be nice if we all went
on vacation this summer?

All, who?
Me, you, Paolo, and Valentina.
They would never even consider it.
Eat up.
l saw the bastard's car
in front of the bitch's house.

l should've gagged him
with the rear-view mirror.

Hope he has a stroke.
When the fuck
will l get over him?

''Wanted: dancers..''
''..for the new edition
of the program.''

''lf you're between the ages
of 18 to 21, call now.''

Let's call.
lt's an obscene environment.
- l guess l like obscene things.
- That's nonsense!

- lt's already set. - No one
will notice if you don't go.

Here we are.
ls it ready?
- Thank you.

- Hi, everybody!
- Hi. - Hi, dad.