Ricordati di me

All, who?
Me, you, Paolo, and Valentina.
They would never even consider it.
Eat up.
l saw the bastard's car
in front of the bitch's house.

l should've gagged him
with the rear-view mirror.

Hope he has a stroke.
When the fuck
will l get over him?

''Wanted: dancers..''
''..for the new edition
of the program.''

''lf you're between the ages
of 18 to 21, call now.''

Let's call.
lt's an obscene environment.
- l guess l like obscene things.
- That's nonsense!

- lt's already set. - No one
will notice if you don't go.

Here we are.
ls it ready?
- Thank you.

- Hi, everybody!
- Hi. - Hi, dad.

You don't want me to audition because
you're afraid they'll pick me.

You're jealous.
Don't irritate me, Valentina.
Your father and l said
we'd pay for acting lessons.

l don't need lessons
for what l want to do.

Do theater,
at least it's an art.

You do it! You talk and talk,
but don't do shit.

What did we do wrong
to make you like this?

l don't want to live pointlessly
like everyone around me.

Got it?
Got it?
You need 4,000 votes
to enter the State Assembly.

Think l can't find 4,000 people
willing to give me a chance?

That's all l'm asking.
l want to demolish
the provincial facade....

Did you hit it?
Know why we're worthless in Europe?
Because we ltalians
have corruption in our DNA,..

..we've lost our values.
Do you have any? lt's even worse
if you think you do have any.