Ricordati di me

- They're all here for this?
- Of course.

-What did you do to your hair?
- How does it look?

l'm not sure.
This way she's blonde or brunette.
l go both ways.
-We have to sing a song.
- No way!

They don't care if you suck,
it's about attitude.

You wanted this opportunity,..
..but don't be disappointed
when they don't pick you.

You're jinxing me.
Anna Pezzi
and Valentina Ristuccia.

Name, last name, weight,
height, telephone number.

- Hi, llaria.
- Hi.

Want a ride?
Why do you make that hangdog face
every time you see me?

- ls that what you think?

Come here.
Don't drag me!
l need to talk to you in private.
What is it?
When l'm with you, l don't know
what to say or do,..

..because if you treat me
like an ass, l'll act like one.

l don't mean to.
Then let's talk about it.
- lt's not my fault.
- l know, it's mine.

l'm crazy about you.
Now l've said it.
You feel inferior to me.
Give me time.
Let's do this,..
..we'll stop seeing each other,..
..then when you feel better,
we'll hang out again. Okay?

- llaria!
- l have to go.