Ricordati di me

Come here.
Don't drag me!
l need to talk to you in private.
What is it?
When l'm with you, l don't know
what to say or do,..

..because if you treat me
like an ass, l'll act like one.

l don't mean to.
Then let's talk about it.
- lt's not my fault.
- l know, it's mine.

l'm crazy about you.
Now l've said it.
You feel inferior to me.
Give me time.
Let's do this,..
..we'll stop seeing each other,..
..then when you feel better,
we'll hang out again. Okay?

- llaria!
- l have to go.

Fuck you!
Fuck you!
-What's wrong?
- Nothing!

Why do l give a shit
about a girl like her?

A bad agent makes them
host events in cheap clubs,..

..and throws them
to guys looking for a fling.

The problem is
finding a serious agent,..

..but they won't even
take our calls.

Next up: 120, 121, 122....
Relax, stay calm.
Don't swallow your words,
stand straight,..

..don't laugh with your mouth open,
or your cavities will show.

First one at a time,..
..then all together.
- Did you see Tucci?

First on the left.
What's your name?
Anna Pezzi. l'm 18. l sing, dance,
and say intelligent things.

Show us your profile.
Ask me if l'm a good girl,
and l'll say no.