Ricordati di me

But l've never repudiated
anything l've done.

This place is cute, let's go in.
Tell me about you,
Elena started to.

What did you tell him?
Last time l saw you act,
you had real talent.

She says that because we're friends.
Passion, lots, but....

-Where has it gone?

Where has that passion gone?
lt's beneath the ashes
of marriage, work,..

..the fear of not having
enough money...

How can you have a full stomach
and still be an artist?

Art is like love,
it's always hungry.

Did Elena tell you
we have a substitute?

-Yes, she did.
- But l'm not sure yet.

l've worked with her before,..
..but l'm full of doubts.
One thing l've learned..

..is to trust my instinct.
Do you believe in instinct?

Yes, she does.
Even if l tend to be too rational.
You need both,
rationality and instinct.

My teacher used to say..
..a character begins at the feet.
l was watching your feet
while you walked.

You know what Hegel said?
''Nothing is more profound
than what appears on the surface.''

What'll we do with the other lady?
l don't know.
Come to my place tomorrow,..

..we'll read the lines
and figure out what to do.

- Sound good?
- Okay.

Find a chick and fuck her
six times a day.

Eva's still hot for you,..
..you could do her tonight.
Fuck her today, tomorrow,..
..then you'll forget about llaria.
l don't give a shit about Eva.
And llaria doesn't about you.
..as a woman,
what do you think of me?

You already asked me.
l know.