Ricordati di me

My teacher used to say..
..a character begins at the feet.
l was watching your feet
while you walked.

You know what Hegel said?
''Nothing is more profound
than what appears on the surface.''

What'll we do with the other lady?
l don't know.
Come to my place tomorrow,..

..we'll read the lines
and figure out what to do.

- Sound good?
- Okay.

Find a chick and fuck her
six times a day.

Eva's still hot for you,..
..you could do her tonight.
Fuck her today, tomorrow,..
..then you'll forget about llaria.
l don't give a shit about Eva.
And llaria doesn't about you.
..as a woman,
what do you think of me?

You already asked me.
l know.
l'll be 19 in a week..
..and there's not one thing
l like in my life.

Puff and pass.
l want to do something important.
A party that we'll remember forever.
Got it?
l want to have
a major party for us,..

..one that we'll remember forever.
Would you fuck Martina?
Would you fuck Paolo?
What the hell are you saying?
Show him your tits.
Please, Matteo.
Why don't you make out?
-What are you saying?
- Do it for me.

Fuck you!
He's like a brother to me.
lf l kiss him, you'll kill me.
l can't stand seeing him like this.
Let's get it over with.