Ricordati di me

Not sushi, it's a dumb trend.
That's what l wanted to do.
- Hi, lla.
- Hi.

So what can't you tell me
over the phone?

My birthday is in a week.
l'm planning a party
with loads of people..

..and l wanted to have hash too.
- Really? -Yes.

Maybe you can...
..help me find some.
You're invited.
l should hope so!
How much
do you want to spend?

l don't know.
What do you think?
Michelle Pfeiffer was a cashier,
Harrison Ford a carpenter,..

..Harvey Keitel was a teller,
and Tom Cruise wanted to be a priest.

l had no idea.
And l don't have what it takes
for TV? l'm no drip.

Not at all.
l don't want to last one season like
you, l speak English and French.

Do you wanna know me?
Voulez-vous me connaƮtre?

Show him you're not stupid.
Tell him you betrayed him.
Tell him the truth.

l was worried. Where were you?
- Did you talk to Riccardo?
- No.

Will you?
l don't know.
What are you trying to do?
l've been dancing for 3 years,
a long time!

Everyone wants to be on TV
because it's full of ordinary people.

All you have to do is talk
and smile in the right direction.

- But in movies you have to act.
- l could see you acting.

l want to be ''the girl next door'',
l want to go everywhere.

l need someone to help me meet
the right people, l'll do the rest.