Ricordati di me

..but you have to stop,
if you don't want it all to end.

l'm going.
Me too.
Want to make love?
Don't do this.
Giulia, please...
Why not?
-What's wrong with me?
- Don't use that voice.

- Stop it.
-What did l do wrong?

-We're not in love anymore.
-That's not true.

Admit it.
There's no connection, we're not
stimulated by the same things,..

..we've buried ourselves
under tons of crap,..

..we've castrated each other.
That's the truth. Stop it!

You're thinking about her?
Who is this lady
who's come between us?

Can l know?
Answer me.
Was she good?
Was she good? Answer me.
Answer me, Carlo. Was she good?
Answer me, bastard!
-Was she good?
-Yes, she was!

You make me sick!
Don't go or l'll kill myself.
l'll kill myself!
Did you hear me?
Do you have the keys?