Ricordati di me

-What's wrong with me?
- Don't use that voice.

- Stop it.
-What did l do wrong?

-We're not in love anymore.
-That's not true.

Admit it.
There's no connection, we're not
stimulated by the same things,..

..we've buried ourselves
under tons of crap,..

..we've castrated each other.
That's the truth. Stop it!

You're thinking about her?
Who is this lady
who's come between us?

Can l know?
Answer me.
Was she good?
Was she good? Answer me.
Answer me, Carlo. Was she good?
Answer me, bastard!
-Was she good?
-Yes, she was!

You make me sick!
Don't go or l'll kill myself.
l'll kill myself!
Did you hear me?
Do you have the keys?
We'll just stay for ten minutes.
They'll start up....
lt's about time!
The red head called you.
Said she'd call in 20 minutes.
The usual buttheads.
This is Valentina.
Hi! Nice to meet you.
You can't tell, but he was
on the national soccer team.

l didn't recognize you.
Franklin, Reitz's manager.
Nice to meet you.
lf you need an agent,
he's number one.

She gave a killer audition.
He's said that 20 times.
See, l don't bullshit.
l don't need to introduce them.
l always watch you.
You know him.
A pleasure to meet you.
- l'm a fan of yours.
- Thanks.

- Should we sit here?
-Wherever you want.

- Hello?
-Your father and l got locked out.

l need to get the keys from you.
Can't you ask Paolo?
l can't reach him.
Where are you?

followed by the Cat and Fox,..