Ricordati di me

- How do you know them?
- l just do. Leave, now.

Good evening.
Good evening.
l'm Valentina's mom.
Your mom is beautiful.
-Won't you stay?
- No, thanks, the cab....

Just stay for a drink.
No, thank you.
Please, just five minutes.
What are you doing here?
Nobody wanted her three years ago.
l was the first to tell her
to pay for it.

Then what happened?
She was with an Arab,..
..then she published
a nudie calendar.

She paid for it herself!
lt's dad.
- l'm on my way.
- Paolo let me in.

To get out of that hole,..
..she did Beltrami and his friend.
What a slut!
Do you like her?
l still don't know
who you're talking about.

Are you working on something?
The new edition of ''Ali Baba''.
l used to watch it.
- Did you like it?
-You're great, but you know that.

l'm pleased to hear it from you.
He's pleased!
Tell me...
What were you like at my age?
Did you think you'd accomplish
nothing but crap..

..or something worthwhile?
Mom and l are splitting up,
you know.

l noticed.