Ricordati di me

Do you like her?
l still don't know
who you're talking about.

Are you working on something?
The new edition of ''Ali Baba''.
l used to watch it.
- Did you like it?
-You're great, but you know that.

l'm pleased to hear it from you.
He's pleased!
Tell me...
What were you like at my age?
Did you think you'd accomplish
nothing but crap..

..or something worthwhile?
Mom and l are splitting up,
you know.

l noticed.
What do you think?
- ls there another woman?
- No.

- Don't make that face, smile.
- Paparazzi?

- Let's go.

To my place.
Come with us, Giulia.

Don't you dare say no.
l'm moving to my mom's
and they're coming with me.

You wanted revenge?
We're even now.

l'll sleep with the kids.
Don't disturb your mom.
l'll leave, if you can't
look me in the face.

See you tomorrow morning.
l love you.
Raise it! Let's go!