Ricordati di me

What do you think?
- ls there another woman?
- No.

- Don't make that face, smile.
- Paparazzi?

- Let's go.

To my place.
Come with us, Giulia.

Don't you dare say no.
l'm moving to my mom's
and they're coming with me.

You wanted revenge?
We're even now.

l'll sleep with the kids.
Don't disturb your mom.
l'll leave, if you can't
look me in the face.

See you tomorrow morning.
l love you.
Raise it! Let's go!
Raise your hand
if you don't like this song!

Come on, deadbeats!
-Your daughter's a bomb!

How old is she?
Almost 18.
Lucky her!
l prefer her mom.
Where's the bathroom?
At the end of the hall.