The cap thing's a nice touch, though.
Officer Burress, Southwest Division.
Well, your test scores are off the chart,
and you got all the right references.

Thank you, sergeant.
Can I get a hot dog with everything
and a ginger ale, please?

Hot dog with everything,
ginger ale.

- Street?
- Same.

Well, I will have a soy dog,

...on a whole-wheat bun, plain...
...and a tomato juice, if you got it.
Thank you.
I'm a vegetarian.
I'm a bit curious.
You've been a cop six years and
you've never had a civilian complaint?

I try to be courteous and professional
with everyone I encounter.

Well, the thing is, Dave...
- David.
- Right. David.

Here's the thing.
There may come a time in SWAT
when you gotta get a little dirty...

...behind a street bust.
You know what I'm saying?

How the hell can I trust a man...
...won't eat a good old-fashioned
American hot dog?

He's a vegetarian.
I'm looking for an injured officer,
name of Sanchez.

I'm looking for an injured officer,
name of Sanchez.

Chris Sanchez.
- Room five. In the corner.
- Thank you.

- What do you need, sarge?
- You Sanchez's partner?

Sanchez do that?
- You help?
- No, sarge.

Reminds me of my third divorce.
- Bad day, huh?
- Kiss my ass, "├ęse".

I'm starting to like
this Sanchez already.

Spent four years in Metro,
passed the SWAT quals three times.

Been rejected by Fuller three times.
Might be a reason.
He's got a couple of beefs here.

I'm going to get the nurse
to clean and dress your wound.