S Club Seeing Double

Where's Jon?
We are required to shower together
to save on water

Well, who made that rule?
Alistair makes all the rules
Any breach of protocol
must be reported to Alistair

- Jon didn't breach any protocol
- Where is he, then?

He's right behind you
- Jon
- Hello, love

Watch out for that shirt
Yeah, it might get all wrinkly
in the shower

Jon, is it just me, or did you notice
something in the showers?

No, I did I'll admit it, Rach,
I looked

but hey, I still respect you
Jon, shut up, I'm being serious!
I'm talking about them!

They haven't got any bellybuttons
Jon, she's right
Today was a good day
Keep this up and we shall
be ahead of schedule

Tomorrow, we have six hours
of rehearsals

- seven hours of interviews
- Thank you, Alistair

- a long video shoot
- Thank you

and an appearance
on Totally Live Requests

So it's a light day
Good night, S Club
Hannah Spearritt,
your colour is yellow

You lik e Sunday roasts, parties, clubbing,
macaroni and Leonardo DiCaprio

Your fav ourite subjects
are geography and PE

Rachel Stevens,
you are a three-times winner

of the coveted Harvey Nichols
Shopper of the Year award

Your nicknames are Rach, Rats
Tina Barrett, your colour is red
You lik e lie-ins, watching television
and crazy nights out

Your personality is loud, silly
Jon Lee, your colour is green
You love your dog, Molly,
and your budgie, Harry Boy

You prefer vegetables to meat
- Your fav ourite hair product is
- Rach