S Club Seeing Double

This thing, it's like a crash course
on how to be us

They're not look-alikes,
they're replacements

Guys, we have to get out of here
We've gotta warn the others

Look at them They're really quite sweet
Maybe we should take them clubbing
I bet they've never been

Maybe they're robots
Or popbots
Well, personally, I think they're clones
It's not science fiction anymore, is it?
They've cloned sheep and goats
before, so why not a band?

You can't just clone someone
unless you've got a piece of them

like hair or fingernails or skin cells
The Internet!
Okay, here it is
One guy's been buying
all the S Club stuff

Victor Gaghan He bids on everything
Props, costumes, underwear
They've got our underwear
on the Internet?

Well, do a search on him
A genetics professor
at Golden State University

" Fired for illegal cloning experiments"
That's the guy!
Hello How are you?
- What's your name?
- Andrea

I like your top It's really nice