Stu, you know who's playing here?
You know what's playing here tonight?
Rod Stewart, man.

We're going to the Rod Stewart Show,
and you loved The Faces, man.

Limited engagement, and we're in.
We're in hard-core.

I told you. Can you smell it?
Can you smell the indulgence?
The opportunity? Can you smell that?

We're rocking tonight.
I'm going in my pajamas.

Look, it's Stuie's room.
Wow, Stu. How about that?
Thanks a lot.
Hey, by any chance, do you know...
we'd be able to meet women that...
Well, never mind.

Look at this place, man!
What the hell?

We got some cash...
we might as well do it right.
I want you sit down.

Hl. Who's this? Purdy?
We would like to order a couple
shrimp cocktails, please.

Yes, two.
That's great.
And New York Steak.

French fries.
And a bottle of your most
expensive champagne.

Great. Actually, you know what?
Make it two bottles.