Look, it's Stuie's room.
Wow, Stu. How about that?
Thanks a lot.
Hey, by any chance, do you know...
we'd be able to meet women that...
Well, never mind.

Look at this place, man!
What the hell?

We got some cash...
we might as well do it right.
I want you sit down.

Hl. Who's this? Purdy?
We would like to order a couple
shrimp cocktails, please.

Yes, two.
That's great.
And New York Steak.

French fries.
And a bottle of your most
expensive champagne.

Great. Actually, you know what?
Make it two bottles.

Nice dinner, huh?
- Why did you want to come here?
- This is the bank Rick and I work at.

- You want to talk about it?
- Not really.

About 3 months ago, our ATM machine
got robbed by some hackers.

That's pretty wild.
Rick’s supposed to have the codes
checked regularly, he always forgets.

Somehow, someone broke in.
That stuff really happens, huh?
If it happens again,
he'll get fired.

That's crazy.
I want to rob this bank.