Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

This great wakeboarding sequence
was Jeffrey's idea.

He didn't want the fish
just to go underwater...

he wanted Sinbad to hitch on it for a ride...
and not merely get towed...
but actually ride behind
this enormous 200-foot wake...

like you would behind a ski boat
or a wakeboarding boat.

Huge scale shots.
I think they all pretty much
work back to back.

Take that 3D water
and then try lo light it from underneath...

then there was
such a magical look in the end.

But you're sitting there,
trying to do rough concept on this...

something like, "What does that look like?"
I thought it was cruel in a movie
full of kids drinking soft drinks...

that we have so much water in it.
Did anybody make it through this movie
without a quick dash to the restroom?

How many times do you make
your hero get sick to his stomach?

Is that a James Baxter shot?
I think it was...

of Sinbad bouncing nauseated
on the rim of his ship.

It was a great example of how squash
and stretch works in animation.

The rocking of the boat
was done first in 3D...

and then followed the movement
of the boat as Sinbad reacts to it.

The 2D effects addition. The snot bubble.
Always a crowd pleaser.
If you want to know
who came up with the carrots line...

- sitting to my left, Mr. Patrick Gilmore.
- Don't say that.

One of those things he said, and we said.
"We can't put that in."
Patrick said, "Why not?"

And we said, "Okay."
And there it is. The carrots line.
William's animation throughout on Marina...
as the lead animator for Marina.
Just some beautiful, sensitive...

thoughtful work on Marina.
The hardest things
to do with a character are not...

the action but the quiet, thinking moments.
And none better than
what Marina's doing throughout the picture.