Timecop: The Berlin Decision

- I'm cool.
- All right.

Well, I'm late for my psych check,
so I'll catch you later.

Way to go, partner.
[Indistinct Voice]
Hey, Ryan.

[Voice Echoing]

O'Rourke wants to see you.
I love that serving a 30-day
suspension in the past shit, man.

You kill me, bro.

- See you around.
- Peace.

I've got half a dozen cops
on psych leave.

They're trained
to deal with it, Doc.

Obviously not very well if I've
got half a dozen on psych leave.

Damn it, O'Rourke! You are not giving
these guys enough turnaround time.

We're suspending them
in their own reality,

ripping them back and forth
through time.

I just got the results of Casey's
CAT scan. That's a cerebral hemorrhage.

This is your responsibility
to start reigning these guys in!

- Give it a rest, Doc.
- Give it a rest?

All right. This morning, Ryan Chan
starts his 30-day suspension.

This afternoon, he had Frank Knight
arrested, tried and sentenced.

- He served his 30 days.
- He was gone for three hours.

Nowhere in the Oversight Committee's ruling
does it say where he has to take his 30 days.

He happened to be there when the time
crime was being committed.

He'd already served his 30 days, so
officially he was back on active duty.

You're as bad as he is.
And you were supposed to check in
with me as soon as you got back.

You want to have dinner tonight?
- I don't date timecops.
- I don't date doctors.