Timecop: The Berlin Decision

Oh, Christ! Are we talking about that
Hitler mess again? Killing Miller's old lady?

- You did the right thing.
- You sure about that?

You did your job! You protect the
future by preserving the past.

You follow orders,
even the ones you don't like.

You're not little people, Ryan.
You're timecop.

You've had a million-plus
dollars' worth of training.

Hell, I trained you myself.
You're my go-to guy!

So you get your shit together.
You forget about Sasha...

and Brandon Miller,
because that's all over.

What do you think you're gonna
do out on the street anyway?

You've seen too much. Hell, I don't even
think you know how to do anything else.

- I know I want a life.
- Life? Well...

You know, your life is in that
launch tube down there.

You know that,
and I know that.

[Alarm Beeping]
[Female Computer Voice]
We have a Time breach in progress.

- Scan central states.
- Breach point isolated.

- Let's bring 'em home, people.
- Right, who and where?

It's internal, sir. One of our own.
Douglas. June, 1987.

- We're bringing him back now.
- Yeah? What happened?

He was on assignment and
decided to pay himself a visit.

- Got too close.
- I knew something like this
would happen.

- Not now, Doc.
- Why not?

You've been allowing them to go back
wherever and whenever they choose.

- Doc, not now!
- [Computer] Initiating re-entry.

Holy shit!
Launch recovery successful.

Douglas? Oh, my God.
[Groaning Continues]