View from the Top

l know l'll be strong

For once, l can touch
What my heart
used to dream of

Sometimes, just when
you brace yourself

for a really bumpy flight,
it's amazing how the skies
can suddenly clear.

But between my busy schedule
and the extra job Ted took
to pay for school,

l spent too many nights
ordering pizza

and watching TN T.
Just a minute.
Small cheese pizza
with everything.

$8 even.
Just call me a sucker
for a man in uniform.

l cannot believe
we got this route.

Oh, my God.
A real business class?

And guess what l get to do
in half an hour.

-Bake cookies.
-Oh, my God.

You are so not
Royalty Express material.

l can't believe on a test
you're as bad as me.

You studied like crazy.
Get out of here.
The more l think
about that test,

the more convinced l am
that something got screwed up.

l might hire a lawyer
to check into it.

Hey, you could help me out
with that.

l'm not a lawyer.
Well, you're gonna be.
You think so, huh?
How is it that
you believe in me so much?

Somebody's got to.
Check out 3B.
lsn't he cute?
Aside from the headphone hair.
When l asked him to put his tray
in its upright position,

he said, "That too?"
l mean, hello.
And those arms.
My God.