View from the Top

l can't believe on a test
you're as bad as me.

You studied like crazy.
Get out of here.
The more l think
about that test,

the more convinced l am
that something got screwed up.

l might hire a lawyer
to check into it.

Hey, you could help me out
with that.

l'm not a lawyer.
Well, you're gonna be.
You think so, huh?
How is it that
you believe in me so much?

Somebody's got to.
Check out 3B.
lsn't he cute?
Aside from the headphone hair.
When l asked him to put his tray
in its upright position,

he said, "That too?"
l mean, hello.
And those arms.
My God.

He's like something
out of "Men's Health."

Well, l'll root for you
even though it's against policy.

You rat me out and l'll stop
letting you do my paperwork.

All l want is a little
of what you've got with Ted.

Oh, God.
He is great.

Did l tell you he wants me to
meet his family for Christmas?

And that's bad news why?
For me, anything that ever
has to do with family

is always bad news.
Don't make me cry.

The thing is, Randy,
l've always been this girl

from Silver Springs
that everybody's said,

"You're never gonna do anything,
never gonna get out of here."

l just worry that
if l fall in love with Ted,

what's gonna happen
to everything l've worked
so hard for?

Okay. Fine.
Don't fall in love with him.

That's kind of why
l'm having the problem.

lt just takes willpower.
You didn't fall in love
with me, did you?

You're gay.
But it still took willpower,
didn't it?