Where the Red Fern Grows

'Course. I missed it.
(man) Hey!
Who's there?
( ''What The World Needs Now''
by Wynonna)

(Billy) I'd never been
in a big city before.

and I'd never seen half this stuff
in Grandpa's store, that's for sure.

Anyway. I reckoned
I was fitting in pretty good.

I just needed to find them railway tracks.
'cause I knew where they'd take me.

I look around at all the faces and I see
All the lonely people
looking back at me

(boy) Hey, look what we got here.
Rich, poor, don't matter.
we're all the same

Everybody's hungry in a different way
Look at that. Barefoot and all.
But really.
what the world needs now is love

Love and only love
A little help from up above
Are you the--
- Morning. l was wondering--
- Kinda warm out there today, isn't it?

- Yes, sir, sure is.
- Might be fixing to rain, though.

We could use some up where l come from.
Oh, where might that be?
Up the river a ways. About ten,
twelve miles as the crow flies.

You know, l've got a crate back there
making some strange noises,

for a boy who lives up the river.
The name is Billy Coleman.