Where the Red Fern Grows

All the lonely people
looking back at me

(boy) Hey, look what we got here.
Rich, poor, don't matter.
we're all the same

Everybody's hungry in a different way
Look at that. Barefoot and all.
But really.
what the world needs now is love

Love and only love
A little help from up above
Are you the--
- Morning. l was wondering--
- Kinda warm out there today, isn't it?

- Yes, sir, sure is.
- Might be fixing to rain, though.

We could use some up where l come from.
Oh, where might that be?
Up the river a ways. About ten,
twelve miles as the crow flies.

You know, l've got a crate back there
making some strange noises,

for a boy who lives up the river.
The name is Billy Coleman.
Yes, sir. That's me.
Come on back here, now. l'll show you.
(man) Well, there they are.
What do you think?
Aren't you gonna pick 'em up?
They already know you.
You're gonna need
a gunny sack to carry them in,

and l've cut a couple of slits
in them so that they won't smother.

- Do l owe you anything?
- Oh, no.

There's a small feed bill, but l'll
take care of that. T'ain't much, anyway.

Well, now, ain't that something?
Well, thanks again.
- Good luck, and good hunting.
- Thanks.