Where the Red Fern Grows

Yes, sir. That's me.
Come on back here, now. l'll show you.
(man) Well, there they are.
What do you think?
Aren't you gonna pick 'em up?
They already know you.
You're gonna need
a gunny sack to carry them in,

and l've cut a couple of slits
in them so that they won't smother.

- Do l owe you anything?
- Oh, no.

There's a small feed bill, but l'll
take care of that. T'ain't much, anyway.

Well, now, ain't that something?
Well, thanks again.
- Good luck, and good hunting.
- Thanks.

Hey, boy. What's your name?
Billy Coleman.
- How come you ain't wearing no shoes?
- He's one of them hill people.

Think he can feel that?
What you got there?
Don't do that.
l said, don't do that.
So, you want to fight, huh?
Nah. But don't touch my dogs again.
- Beat him up.
- Come on, you can lick him.

He's just a hillbilly.
He's busted my nose!
Grab him.
You're dead meat.
All right, all right.
Break it up. That's it.