After the Sunset

Put down the weapon.
Don't make me shoot you again.
Is that the way we're gonna play it?
What are you doing
in my house, Agent Lloyd?

Sitting, drinking, eating chocolate.
- You have a warrant?
- FBI doesn't have jurisdiction here.

I know, that's why I came down here.
Oh, I don't think it is.
The Seven Seas Navigator
docking here for a solid week.

They're having a nice promotion
for the maiden voyage,

calling it the Diamond Cruise.
A gem exhibit whose star attraction is
the third Napoleon Diamond.
Stop me when I get to the part
you don't know.

It's the only one you two haven't stolen.
And it's gonna be right here
for a whole week... the last of the set...

and I suspect you plan to purloin it.
Well, I don't.
So finish your drink and get out.
It's okay to be happy to see me.
Just because you're English doesn't
mean you need to hide your emotions.

I'm Irish.
We let people know how we feel.

Now fuck off.
And you can take any bugs you planted
along with you.

I'm retired.
A retired guy wouldn't have anything
to worry about from those.

- Mind if I borrow this?
- Take it.

You might learn something from it.
But return it for me.
It's overdue.

Give my love to Lola, will you?
How was the tennis lesson?
Great. The teacher says I'm a natural.
He says I've got the best backside
he's ever seen.

That's backhand.
Don't go in there.
- Why?
- Let's talk.

Okay, you're making me nervous,
and I don't get nervous.

Agent Lloyd just left.
What's he doing here?
He came to show me this.