Along Came Polly

Come on down
and give us a hand.

l think l might have
fractured me coccyx.

##[ Sitar ]
[ Polly ]
Oh, look at that.
You got me a new loofah.

Yeah, it's from Finland, and the salesman
said it has a very ergonomic design, so--

Oh, Reuben, that's really--
thank you-- really sweet.

Oh, my God! [ Laughs ]
l don't believe this!

Oh, what are you doing here?
We're having an early supper.
l wanted your father to try new cuisines.

Really? lt's only 3:00.
lt's a crime to beat
the dinner crowds?

Who is this young woman?
This is Polly Prince.
Polly, these are my parents.

lrving and Vivian Feffer.
Polly, it's so good meeting you.

- How are you?
- l can't believe you're eating lndian.
You hate spicy food.

- No, l don't, Mom.
- [ No Audible Dialogue ]

Well, l'm gonna-- Psst!
l'm gonna ask--
[ Snaps Fingers ]

l'm gonna ask this nice
Native American man
to get us a bigger table.

Mom, they're lndian.
You can call them lndian. lt's okay.

Hi. Need big table, please.
Four people.

Many thanks.
Now, how do you kids know each other?
l told you.

Mom, we went to middle school together.
We were both delegates in the Model U.N.

Oh, you still work in government, honey?
No, no. l'm a waitress.
- Mm.
- She's also writing a children's book.

Oh, very nice. Reu, you'll never guess
who l ran into yesterday.

Who's that?
Lisa's mother.

That's good. Hey, Dad, did you try this--
What is this stuff called?

- Sag.
- Sag. Did you try this?

Apparently, Lisa's doing wonderfully
down there in St. Barts,

- selling villas, happy.
- That's good for her.

- Now, who's Lisa?
- Nah.

- Not important.
- Lisa's Reuben's wife.

- Mm. Oh.
- She left him for another man
on their honeymoon.

- Oh.
- Are we ready for the check?
l think l'll take the check.

- [ Sighs ]
- What?

Well, you know,
your dad seems really nice.

Yes. A man of few words.
[ Chuckles ]

Hey, look, l just want you to know
l was gonna tell you about Lisa.