Around the Bend

-Want coffee?

Socially acceptable drug. Coffee.
Ever do heroin?
-That's good.

-You sure you don't want coffee?

I made a pot.
What time is your bus?
I'm gonna have to miss it.
This from Henry?
Son of a bitch. He did it.
-That's a will?
-Yes. And it's very cogent too.

He even had it witnessed.
He's got a cook--

At a Kentucky Fried Chicken
stand, Albert? Come on.

Their literature refers to them
as restaurants.

And I think they prefer KFC,
but anyway, it's a cook...

...and one of the customers,
Dorothy O'Connor.

Oh, Henry.
-She had the two-piece box.
-What's she doing?

-There used to be a door here.
-Mom, this isn't our apartment.

-We live upstairs.
-Right here.

-What's it say?
-The will? As his lawyer, I can't tell you.

-Why did you take the door away?

-What do you mean, you can't tell me?
-This is Jason's place, Mom.

This is not our apartment.
-He wanted it read after the funeral.
-What funeral?

Turner's letter deals with
the funeral arrangements.

You got a letter? And you got a letter.
-I didn't get a letter.
-You got a Post-it.

-I got a Post-it.
-Is it cogent?

-No. Actually, it's not cogent.
-What's it say?

-What does your letter say?
-Some of it was private.