Around the Bend

Well, what's it say?
There's a ranch near here.
It's where my mother lived
when Henry met her.

"I can still remember her...
...standing there in the barn...
...the warm sunlight behind her.
So young, beautiful.

Her small, firm breasts shining--"
-He doesn't know what breasts are.
-I know what breasts are. Titties.

This is ridiculous.
-Titties, he said titties.

We don't get to look at the map
until after the dispersal part of the ritual.

Fine. Let's disperse. Come on, Zach.
Henry wanted us to share a meal
before each spooning.

Knock yourself out.
How far is the ranch?

-I'm not hungry.
-The meal thing is part of the ritual.

He did not say we have to eat chicken
at every single stop--

Don't bitch to me. I'm the vegetarian.
Thinking about a woman, Zach?
-Jason, how about you?

Who you thinking about?
Did the Post-it say
"think about a woman"...

...or "talk about thinking
about a woman"?

-Tina Turner.
-Tina. That's hot.

So, what are you and Tina doing?
You balling?

-What's balling?

Zach, it's-- It's playing catch.