Around the Bend

Knock yourself out.
How far is the ranch?

-I'm not hungry.
-The meal thing is part of the ritual.

He did not say we have to eat chicken
at every single stop--

Don't bitch to me. I'm the vegetarian.
Thinking about a woman, Zach?
-Jason, how about you?

Who you thinking about?
Did the Post-it say
"think about a woman"...

...or "talk about thinking
about a woman"?

-Tina Turner.
-Tina. That's hot.

So, what are you and Tina doing?
You balling?

-What's balling?

Zach, it's-- It's playing catch.
-You're playing catch with Tina?
-No. No, we're singing.

-What, you got a problem with that?
-No, it's just not real sexy.

I didn't hear "sex fantasy,"
I heard "think about a woman."

Who you thinking about, Zach?
Alice, she lives next door.
She kissed me once.

-She kissed you?
-Zach heard "sex fantasy."

-Who are you thinking about, Grandpa?
-Louise Pearce.

Buck-naked, in her mama's car.
Maybe Alice will play catch with me
naked sometime--

Okay. Just blow the ashes.
Henry wanted us to listen to it loud.