Around the Bend

But if you choose not to abide by
Henry's wishes as he wrote them...

...then the will names Turner
as the sole beneficiary.

-Of what?
-Henry's things.

The collection is worth about $ 220,000.
Hello? You there?
Who gets the things if we do this?
Zach. Henry knew you wouldn't
deprive Zach of his inheritance.

I don't think that he ever cared much
for you working in that bank.

It's about time.
You guys really love your chicken.
You have no idea, man.
Hey, has anybody seen my phone?
Damn it.
-Zach, you seen my phone?

-Goddamn it.
-You're kind of a tense person.

You get that from
your mother's people, I think.

Pull the van over.
Turner, pull the van over.
I don't know what etiquette book you
referenced before your homecoming...