Around the Bend

Hey, has anybody seen my phone?
Damn it.
-Zach, you seen my phone?

-Goddamn it.
-You're kind of a tense person.

You get that from
your mother's people, I think.

Pull the van over.
Turner, pull the van over.
I don't know what etiquette book you
referenced before your homecoming...

...but I don't think they advise
insulting people you left behind.

When did I insult you?
-You called me tense.
-You called me thief.

-You were a thief!
-You were tense. You still are.

Okay. Fine. Maybe right now,
at this point, I am tense.

That does not make me a tense person.
Fair enough.
Fair enough.
I was also a musician.
-I wasn't just a thief.

In case you wanna update
your point of view.

Yeah. Okay. Let's update
my point of view.

Let's update yours too.
What, are you kidding me?

You show up here after, what,
850 years and think you get to decide...

...what we get to talk about.
Fuck you, man. Fuck you.

We're not just gonna talk about
the present.

So you can forget the part about walking
out on your family? I didn't forget.

This isn't the first thing
Henry's asked me to do.

He's asked me to do a million things
and I've been happy to do them.