Around the Bend

You know, I remember that.
What's Bullhead?
Kind of like this weird
shark-fish thing. Really ugly.

-On your way, huh?

Listen, I wonder if you could
do us a favor.

Could you take this?
-Take it for what?
-Well, for, you know, scattering with....

-What's it for?
-He's bringing the ashes.

Is it okay with your wife?
It was her idea. She, you know....
Ruth. Come here.
She just, you know,
couldn't ask you herself.

We'd really appreciate it.
Put him anywhere.
Just get them out of here.

-He wants us to take the ashes.

You have a spoon?
-A spoon?
-Maybe we should mix.

Never mind.
We've been mixing the dog's in.
The ashes are probably all
mixed up together anyway.

-I don't know.
-It's not gonna matter. Okay.

-Take care.

-You can't find them?
-We don't think...

-...Turner's dangerous.
-He broke out of prison and has my son.

He didn't break out. He walked out.
And I assure you we'll find them.

-Katrina, stop crying.

Are you going somewhere?
Yeah, my work is done now.
I go home to Ã…rhus.

A woman who slept with a fugitive.
-You slept with Turner?
-Oh, dear.

Well, it's okay. Jason said
I'm allowed to have boyfriends.

He's-- He's not a boyfriend.
He's Jason's father.

So? In Denmark, people's fathers
can be boyfriends too.