Atomik Circus - Le retour de James Bataille

James, 6'2", wide shouldered,
the classic hunk, in person.

Jinxed from the start.
Hardly a spaceman,
but a great fan of lingerie

and an occasional stuntman.
That's what brought him to Skotlett.
It was so hot
the eggs fried in the fridge.

Skotlett, or nowheresville,
dear audience.

Life was good there
before James arrived.

How's it going?
I'm looking for a guy called Bosco.

Bosco, owner of the Sam Paradiso Bar.
The man who made Skotlett.
Mr. Bosco to you.
Yes, sir. I'm the stuntman.
- You just get here now?
- Sorry.

As the vipers say,
jackals got nothing on him.

They owe him everything.
James, nothing.

At least, not yet.
He turned around...
a mosquito maybe.
And there, like in an old movie,

Consia, eye to eye.
The die was cast.
Consia, gentle and wild child.
When you speak the same language,
make the same gestures...