Atomik Circus - Le retour de James Bataille

would it tear out your face
to wipe your feet?

Swell place! Like new!
Not a trace.
Showbiz now?
Yeah, no more hayseeds,
stunts and all that crap.

I've gone refined music and culture.
It's cheaper.

And it pays.
What's a "talent show"?
A talent show?
How can I put it?
It's a show, only smaller.
A show where everybody
has his chance.

Your kid gonna sing?
- Got a problem with that?
- Not at all.

Well, boys, time's short
and I'm a working man.

He's got news for you.
James Battle busted out of prison.
That's impossible!
I'm free as the night
I've slept with the sun
I'm a girl of the night
And I wake up with the moon

Free as the stars
When night starts to fall
I let the veil down
By inviting in the moon
I like to dance in the rain