Atomik Circus - Le retour de James Bataille

Oh, shit!
It's not what you think. I can explain.
Thanks for the duds and grub...
Seeing your dirty mug,
I took you for a gypsy.

Good thing I got my detector.
Anti scum radar.
That's handy. I'll be off.
Hang on. What's your name?
- Bob.
- In a hurry, Bob?

You in a hurry?
Not at all! Well, a little.
See, Bob, I'll tell you...
In life there are dominators
and dominatees.

I'm a dominator, a predator.
- You're a dominatee trying to dominate.
- Not at all!

You are! A dominatee out to dominate.
Don't try to fuck me over!
or else you'll have to deal with Horse!
- What's so funny?
- Nothing.

What's the joke?
You laughing at me?

You laughing at her?
Laughing at my face? At my name?
My name's Horse, Peter Horse.