Atomik Circus - Le retour de James Bataille

Don't it look sucked off?
Who'd be sick enough
to suck someone's face off?

We interrupt our program
for a special news flash...

James Battle has escaped
from Skotlett Penitentiary.

Oh, shit!
Slow down!
Oh, shit!
contact Skotlett radio
if you see anything

don't forget that
he's armed and dangerous

go home if you arent't already,
if you are, stay there.

Now you can report
that her head got crushed.

I'm asking you
if you've seen James Battle.

Seen him around the campground?
Nope, no one!
- If you see anything weird...
- Louder.

- If you see anything weird...
- Louder!

Let us know, okay?
He's out of it.
- Brody!
- What's with that jerk?

Who, me?
I won't take any of their crap!