Atomik Circus - Le retour de James Bataille

It's me, Alan Schitz.
You came all the way out?
Listen, I'm really sorry...
I'm afraid I made a bad impression.
I must've eaten something
that didn't agree with me.

I've got such an ass ache.
Sure, I understand.
So I figured...
I'd come fetch you, and driving in
we can get acquainted.

I can't hear you. Give me a minute.
Please, take your time.
Beauty knows no timetable!
Nice place here!
It's wild, but well kept.
There are shrubs. It's got hills.

I bet it sucks like a leech!
Insurance must cost a bundle.
What do you care?
Get your gorilla paws
and fat ass off my hood!

Chief Brody!
And that's Toby.
You a salesman?
Do I look like one?
An impresario.

I figured you were in sales.
Only salesmen wear suits like that.
Some nose, eh, Toby?
Look, Liver Tumor.
If that rodent keeps pissing on my tire,
I'll gouge his eyes out!
Hearthat? Keep pissing,
he'll gouge your eyes out.

- That's it.
- Drop dead, you hag.

- You okay, Mr. Schitz?
- Fine, Consia.

I met your friends. They're so charming.
I love the country.