Atomik Circus - Le retour de James Bataille

What product?
- You.
- Me?

I can just see it...
little hillbilly shoots for the stars!

It'll make them weep!
People want drama,
and that's what we'll give them!

- Think so?
- I think.

With your talent and your body,
we'll break the bank.

- You can quit singing.
- That's what I like best.

You'll be too busy.
Pretty dumb logic!
There's no Nobel Prize for showbiz.
I'm talking to you about success.
I don't give a shit about music!
Listen to this.
Who does it sound like?
Barry White? Not at all!
An Indian, 60 Ibs., anorexic.
He had his vocal chords
butchered in a Jakarta clinic.

Meanwhile he's top of the charts,
and in a rehab clinic.

Believe me.
The best training's in the field.

And I sense real potential in you.
But you have to give of yourself.
Look out!
Shove over!
Take me into Skotlett.