don't let the kids' pranks
get to you

Why do you think Hye Ji
suddenly committed suicide?

The curse has begun
So are you saying that her suicide is
caused by the bunshinsaba curse?

If not, why would she
suddenly commit suicide?

Now what do we do?
What about the other girls
on the notebook?

Well, I don't know but
I don't think
it will just blow over

And if it doesn't
just blow over?

You can never tell anyone
what happened that night

- Okay?
- Okay!

Or the curse will fall on us
I knew I'd find you here
Seoul wench!
Didn't I tell you
I'd deal with you after school?

Are you starring me down?
I'll let it go this time
since we're in mourning

but get prepared for
a long hard school year
Don't even think about
telling your teacher on us

He's all wrapped up in
the new art teacher

Do you think
he can protect you?

Seoul bitches suck
Hey, did you see her eyes?
It seemed as if they were about to
pop out of her face

The owner here is a
friend from elementary school

She's a bit peculiar
She is talented though
She tells fortunes well
Has some spiritual strength and

can forecast the weather
It was her who
told me to take an umbrella today

The weatherman said
it would be sunny

- I've been wondering about something
- What is it?