Hey, hey, hey.
You Iook amazing.
- Do you Iike it?
- Love it.

- Like the hair?
- Love the hair.

- Did good?
- You did real good.

This guy is good for you.
Aren't you glad I pushed you into it?
Props to Sally. Let me hear my props.

- Props to Sally.
- Yeah.

Clothes, and a treat.
So are you gonna be okay, or what?
I do feel better. That's maybe Iaying off
the Cosmos for a couple days.

Check this out.
Some chick in a cat suit
murdered Slavicky last night.

The actions of this lunatic will not
keep Beau-line off the shelves.

We will launch next week as planned...
...because we owe it to the women
of this country.

- Because--
- Please. That guy is so full of himself.

- I' m almost out.
- Let's see.

How Iong have you
been having headaches?

- About a month.
- Do me a favor.

- Stop using this.
- Why?

Because it's making you sick. Trust me.
Thank you, Iieutenant.
You're gonna roll with him.

For Tom, from forensics.
Oh, and Slavicky homicide.
Maybe you'll want to look at that.

Hey, Bob, Iet me ask you a question.
Would your wife crawl out on the Iedge
of a building to rescue a cat?

Maybe, if the cat was carrying a pizza.