We will launch next week as planned...
...because we owe it to the women
of this country.

- Because--
- Please. That guy is so full of himself.

- I' m almost out.
- Let's see.

How Iong have you
been having headaches?

- About a month.
- Do me a favor.

- Stop using this.
- Why?

Because it's making you sick. Trust me.
Thank you, Iieutenant.
You're gonna roll with him.

For Tom, from forensics.
Oh, and Slavicky homicide.
Maybe you'll want to look at that.

Hey, Bob, Iet me ask you a question.
Would your wife crawl out on the Iedge
of a building to rescue a cat?

Maybe, if the cat was carrying a pizza.
Well, there are similarities.
- Shape of the S, harsh stroke of the R's.
- Were they written by the same person?

Well, it's not an exact science.
But this first one. The broad spacing
of the Ietters? Indicative of Ioneliness.

And the O reaching out, insecure.
Handwriting of a people-pleaser.

Now, we Iook at the Ioop of the Y.
Very self-confident, almost angry.
And the O, well, this person
doesn't Iike to play by the rules.

- So they're different people.
- Very.

If you put these two women
in the same room...

:57:33're gonna have one hell of a party.
- You got a big weekend planned, Tom?
- I do now.

Aren't you supposed to Iet me win?
Not that kind of girl.
- What kind of girl is that?
- A Ioser.