Well, there are similarities.
- Shape of the S, harsh stroke of the R's.
- Were they written by the same person?

Well, it's not an exact science.
But this first one. The broad spacing
of the Ietters? Indicative of Ioneliness.

And the O reaching out, insecure.
Handwriting of a people-pleaser.

Now, we Iook at the Ioop of the Y.
Very self-confident, almost angry.
And the O, well, this person
doesn't Iike to play by the rules.

- So they're different people.
- Very.

If you put these two women
in the same room...

:57:33're gonna have one hell of a party.
- You got a big weekend planned, Tom?
- I do now.

Aren't you supposed to Iet me win?
Not that kind of girl.
- What kind of girl is that?
- A Ioser.

Hey, can I ask you a question?
You work for Hedare, right?
Somebody was murdered at his factory
the other night.

I'm sorry.
Can you think of anybody who might
have a grudge against the company?

Lots of people. George Hedare isn't
the nicest guy in the world, you know.

He fired me.
What? Am I a suspect now, detective?
Looks Iike we'II be
up here for a while.

You in a hurry?