Chris Rock: Never Scared

They didn't sell boots,
they sold the crack of their day, OK?

They killed cops and kids, and that's cool,
good for them. Now...

when it's time for other people to come up
and acquire wealth

the rules change.
One of the number one rules when it comes
to acquiring wealth goes like this.

The rule is, only the white man
can profit from pain.

Only the white man can profit from pain.
So if you're black or brown, you can make
money and prosper and get rich in America.

But whatever you decide to do,
it better be positive.

Cos if one person is harmed,
you will be destroyed, OK?

Every now and then Oprah has a show
where she's just giving away money.

You know why? She's trying to keep the Feds
off her back.

Only the white man can profit from pain, OK?
White man makes alcohol, tastes great,
I love it, you love it, we all love it.

Kills motherfuckers every single day, OK?
Some of y'all ain't even gonna
make it home tonight cos of alcohol.

Driving home,
"That Chris Rock sure is funny.

"Oh, shit!"
But it's all right cos it's all white.
White man makes cigarettes. Cigarettes are
the most dangerous product known to man.

Kills motherfuckers every fucking day.
Cigarettes are so dangerous,
it kills motherfuckers that don't smoke!

That's how fucking dangerous cigarettes are.
That's right.

First-hand smoke, second-hand smoke,
people talking into machines.

"Hey, what's up, man?
"I love cigarettes. This shit is good."
But it's all right cos it's all white.