Code 46

A parachute jump,
maybe a medical procedure.

People only buy fakes if we won't
grant legitimate cover.

If we won't grant legitimate cover,
there's a reason.

"The sphinx knows best. "
Fake cover is a ticket
to avoidable suffering.

We know which printer
the fakes come from.

Each printer
has its own fingerprint.

This one
is from a number eight printer.

Only a few people can use it,
it has to be one of them.

I need a quiet room and some time,
I'll have this done by this evening.

It's a happy workplace,
I don't want to create an atmosphere.

I don't want anyone to know
what's going on.

Why? Tell them the truth, Larry.
Tell me something about yourself.
Anything at all.

I was born in Napally Road, Hyderabad.
Tell me something about yourself.
Try to make it interesting,
I've got a long day ahead of me.

I have una cosa for freckles.
A sexual cosa.

I find freckles a turn on.
Freckled skin, it's like it's clothed
and not clothed.

There's no freckle pornography.
Women get famous for breasts and legs.
But not for freckles.

- There's "Anne of Green Gables. "
- I regard that as an erotic classic.

The Normans...
They invented the whole English
language out of nothing but French.

- And some Latin, obviously.
- Obviously.